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Is Watch Winder Safe or Damaging Your Automatic Watch?

The arguments about the safety or necessity of using a watch winder safe are always around. Some people say that it is not safe to use watch winder, but some other people say that a watch winder is a great savior. Why do they think that a watch winder is not safe for the automatic watch?

Will a Watch Winder Reduce the Lifespan of Your Automatic Watch?

Some people do not want to get a watch winder safe for their automatic watch collections because they think that using a watch winder will reduce the lifespan of their watch. Why is that?

They think that using a watch winder will keep the gears, mechanical parts, and gears of the watch used constantly. It means that the watch will be under tension for a longer time. That is why it will wear down faster.

They think that they should give their automatic watches a rest when it is not used to make sure that the watch mechanism can last long. As a result, the automatic watch will last longer.

However, the watch winder safe that will wind your automatic watch regularly will bring benefits to the watch. The regular winding will lubricate the gears, as well as, the internal mechanism of the automatic watch. The oil can be prevented from clogging. It will be great to keep the watch’s smooth performance.

Can a Watch Winder Cause Extra Stress to Your Automatic Watch?

About the watch winder that can reduce the lifespan of the automatic watch is not the only argument about using a watch winder, after all. Some people also think that the full axial rotation used by the watch winder can cause torque forces on the timepiece. The forces are not things that will be a usual experience for the watch when it is put on the wrist. The mechanism of the watch can be damaged by this extra stress.

However, you have to remember that most automatic watches are designed to be put on the wrist most of the time. It means that the watch will keep running most of the time. It is just the same by putting the watch in the winder, after all, because the winder is made for mimicking the natural wrist movement.

Some people can be super active in their daily life. Moving a lot or even a little will increase torque on the watch. Meanwhile, the watch winder can keep the gentle motion all the time. The watch winder safe may put less stress on the automatic instead of a super active person who is wearing the watch.

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