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A Brief History of the 3 Watch Winder Development

3 watch winder is a tool to rotate the automatic watch. Different from other types of the watch, an automatic watch should be placed in a winder when it is not worn for a long time. Therefore, the watch can keep working. That’s why the invention of a watch winder is closely related to the automatic watch.

Early Invention of Watch Winder

The inventory of watch winder was John Harwood in the 1920s. He was well-known also as the pioneer of the automatic watch. To make sure the automatic watches he produced were kept high-quality, Harwood researched to create a place to place it as well as keep the watch winding. It is then called a watch winder. Some watch winder products are designed for a watch only. However, some others are made for multiple watches inside, 2, 3, 4, or more.

The Popularity of Watch Winder

Although the watch winder was invented in the 1920s, it was not instantly popular. Even it takes some decades to make the tool well-known by others. In the 1990s, people seemed to prefer wearing automatic watches to others. This way, automatic watches along with their watch winder become important accessories for them. Watch winder is also must-have things when you are a collector of automatic watches.

A Part of Prestige

Sure, the main purpose people buy watch winder is to maintain the function of their automatic watches. But more than that, watch winder is also a part of their prestige. The tool is made in many beautiful designs as well as the materials are high-quality. It is reasonable that the price is also quite expensive.

So, do you really want to keep your automatic watches safe? There is no other option aside from the watch winder. Choose one of them that really meets your needs. If you have 3 watches, sure, 3 watch winder is the best choice.

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