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Things to Look for on a Single Watch Winder

With the wide variety available on the market, choosing a single-watch winder can be a daunting task. Besides the difference in prices, watch winders are also different in terms of features. Luckily, some underlying characteristics make a watch winder worth buying. So, in this article, we have compiled several essential aspects that a watch winder must possess.

Dedicated motor

Most reputable watch winder manufacturers use dedicated motors for their watch winder models. These dedicated electric motors mean that they are specifically manufactured for only one purpose, which is for the watch winder. As a result, these electric motors typically produced less sound than other similar motors for a different purpose. In addition, dedicated motors are also used to eliminate the risk of magnetism damage.

Adjustable rotation

It is common knowledge that different automatic watches require different turns-per-day (TPD) and winding directions. So, if you’re looking for a single watch winder box, consider the one that can accommodate a wide variety of watch models. In doing so, make sure the winder has an adjustable feature that allows you to switch between different TPDs and winding directions.

Durable casing material and finish

Besides the internal part, an excellent single watch winder will have durable casing material and an elegant finish. The most popular watch winder materials these days are wood and carbon fiber. For the finish, good watch winders are typically complemented with gloss and polished lacquer. In addition, a wooden watch winder with a leather finish, such as the Billstone Nucleus 1 Black Leather, is also a good option.

Soft cushion

A dedicated watch collector will do anything to protect their collection from any damage. If you’re one of those collectors, make sure to choose the best single watch winder box with a soft interior cushion. Currently, the most popular material for the watch winder interior finish is velvet. Besides keeping your watch damage-free, this material can be an excellent way to complement your watch collection.

Decent security feature

Ensuring the watch’s safety is the number one priority of watch collectors. Therefore, a good single watch winder box is typically equipped with a security measure. However, due to the small size, it is impossible to equip a single slot watch winder with a complex security system. Therefore, these types of winders are typically equipped with a simple key lock mechanism.

Choosing a watch winder can be a difficult task. Luckily, essential features ensure the high quality of a single watch winder. So, make sure your watch winder has all of those features before you decide to buy it.

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